Multimedia is the installation of sound, video, pictures, or animation to your website and a way to make your Web pages more active and fun.  You need to look at a range of websites that use multimedia and see what works and what would drive away your customers.   Before adding any multimedia you need to ask yourself if and how this will benefit customers.   Sites that use multimedia usually have a solution for a customers problem e.g. video on how to do something, or are sites about music, photograhpy, video compilers, animators.    Using music or video that auto plays on opening a website may get your potential customers attention, however, many people automatically close the site within a few seconds (particulary if they are at work), this presents an unprofessional image and often results in lost business.   

Modern web browsers have support for many multimedia formats, and you need advice and professional editing for multimedia content.  Multimedia in a profession that takes a number of years to become proficient and while we can suggest and implement your multimedia into your website we are not the experts in the development of multimedia content, we do work with partners that can provide the right information and professional formats to suit your business.   Contact us for more information.