Content Management

Content Management can be broken down to two types.

One is the management system that allows you to easily update your website at regular intervals, our websites allow easy use of adding content, products, images, edit orders, email campaigns or blogs.   

Many people will ask us just how easy is Content Management and we will say very easy. In fact it is as simple as typing your changes on the screen, like you would in word and then clicking "Save". It could not be simpler and we pride ourselves on being able to get anyone up and running on your Content Management in no more than 2 hours.  Another advantage to our Content Management is that it takes the SEO of your website into account. It will allow you to edit the Title tags, Meta tags and image Alt tags on your website. This means you can ensure your website is fully optimised for the search engines and adapt your site as your campaign develops.

The other option is that TomtechIT can provide Content Management services

  • Updates of products or content on a regular basis
  • Make changes on the website where it is required
  • Uploading PDF Files for customer information
  • Change images and upload new and fresh images
  • Newsletter campaigns, write and send newsletters monthly, fortnightly or weekly
  • Update listings for your directories and other website listings
  • Check the security of your website on a regular basis
  • Update apps and tools on your website